Interested in selling?

Karysmatik is always looking for acquisitions of small to medium size E-commerce businesses in the UK or EU.

We are looking to purchase or merge businesses that bring added value to our family of web sites. They can be in the sports arena but we are happy to discuss other markets.

Your sites may be profitable and you are looking to expand with investment or mergers, or you may be experiencing cash flow issues that is making your asset a liability.

We are happy to discuss purchasing from liquidators too in the case of a critical failure of the business model

We look to take on any asset that will help us grow our business being, stock, property, leases and personnel

We will treat each opportunity with discretion and professionalism as we understand your vested interest in your enterprise starts as a dream and we would hope it does not end in a nightmare. You may have suppliers and customers who you want to keep your thoughts private and we are happy to complete a NDA to this end

Complete our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with an expression of interest.

We aim to become the kind of company we would like to deal with.

Why choose us

We understand

  • We have a team of technology, finance and acquisition specialists available to us.

  • We understand that the value of your business is not all tangible.

  • Our financing allows us to make fast independant decisions after due dilligence.